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Liber8Fit Underground is a San Diego based gym that is attempting to spear-head the Hybrid fitness movement! What makes us different is our approach to combining both high intensity workouts with restorative yoga in the same session taught by 2 different certified professionals in their respective fields. In 1 class you will go from deadlifts, pull-ups, and near total exertion, to pranayama breath work, targeted stretching, and savasana as you finish your journey. Our members become educated and open their minds to how important not just stressing your system in a hard workout is, but additionally mastering the often challenging practice of physical and mental recovery as well.

More than a gym, Liber8 is a home to a fast growing community of some of the kindest and hardest working women and men of all ages and fitness levels. We believe more in what we can add to our members’ lives through honest self-care in all spectrums as opposed to what we can subtract from the scale in “results”. As a female owned and operated facility, we strive to take the ego out of such a competition-based industry, so much so that we will never boast the phrase “best gym”, but rather identify as an open space where we do things the Liber8ed way and hope all feel welcome and supported. All we ask is that you trust our process and leave your limits at the door!


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