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Happy February 1st and CONGRATS to our newest #MemberOfTheMonth Michelle Pitman @weallneedapitman!! 👏🏽🏆Here are a few words from Michelle’s trainers...
Trainer Alyssa: “Michelle (aka not Obama) is one of the quirkiest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The more I know her the more I am surprised by not just her oddness, but her strength, perseverance, and kindness ❤️ She is a bright light in my week and an empowering woman who lifts up those around her! She also volunteered to hold a hissing cockroach at a reptile show—fun fact!” 
Trainer Angela: “Its been such a pleasure getting to know Michelle as a client and now friend ❤️ During our yoga dates, she will try EVERYTHING & ANYTHING I throw at her. Headstands to perfection, chatarungas for days and she always has a smile. I’m gr8ful for her laugher and unique humor she brings to our lives”
Michelle: “I initially joined Liber8 because I wanted a place to teach me how to lift weights. What I got from Liber8 was SO MUCH MORE. I have gained friendships, self confidence and a stronger connection to myself. Alyssa and Angela are so encouraging and supportive it really makes you want to go for just one more rep or reach for that heavier weight. They have shown me just how strong I can be when I stop doubting myself and just try. If it wasn't for liber8 I would have never fallen in love with headstands or deadlifts and I would have never been connected with such an amazing like-minded community.”



The New Year means it's time for the first 2019 Member of the Month! Rhonda Hart!💜 
Congratulations & Welcome to the M.O.M club! 
Rhonda's fitness journey started long before coming to Liber8, but since joining the L8F community we have had the pleasure of seeing Rhonda flourish not only as an encouraging👏🏼motivator to everyone else around her, but in her own confidence and comfortability within her workouts and recovery. Rhonda is one of the most determined members we've ever trained and no matter what the workout is, she's ALWAYS eager to try it and NEVER afraid to adjust to her needs (she's had surgery on both knees!). Having already lost a 172lbs during her fitness journey, Rhonda lost another 7lbs in 28 days on our Holiday Check-In Challenge by coming to ALL 28 classes🙌🏼What's more important than any number on the scale though is what Rhonda brings to our fitfam and to each and every class she comes to--a smile and desire to make every other members around her, new or old, feel welcome and at home at Liber8.

Here are a few words from Rhonda about her experience at Liber8...
“I Enter 2019 with a new excitement and zest for life. My Liber8 Family is responsible for that. Alyssa and Angela They’re loving guidance and knowledge have taught me/motivate me to push myself harder, breathe deeper and never quit🥊 My trainers and my teammates are AMAZING🏆We cheer, high five and LAUGH so much -great team spirit and it’s truly become the best way to start my day🥊🏋🏼‍♂️💪🏼🧘🏻‍♀️.”



It’s finally December ☃️❄️ & with the last month of 2018 upon us we are excited to announce our ⭐️NEW⭐️ Member of the Month Tsion!

Here’s what Tsion has to say about her experience at #L8F ➡️ “I am so grateful for my time at liber8fitness! I truly look forward to each unique workout and the welcoming and friendly environment at liber8fit. I am amazed at how much stronger and capable I have become since starting just a few months ago! I am so thankful for Alyssa’s guidance and faith in me and Angela’s enthusiasm and support to get through each tough workout. They have truly created a wonderful space to push yourself and have fun at the same time. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey at Liber8fit!”
We ♥️ Tsion & here’s why! ⤵️⤵️
Trainer Alyssa: “Tsion is an absolute light in our L8F fit fam. She is often the first person I see to start my day at 5:30am and she always walks in with a smile and says hi. No matter how she's feeling or how insane whatever I'm asking her to do is, she puts her head down and gives it her all. She is the type of member that makes me love my job! During her first class she struggled to complete 20 single unders, today she completes EVERY rep and motivates not only those around her but me as well. I am so happy to show Tsion how much we APPRECIATE having her at Liber8!"
Trainer Angela: “Tsion is a 5:30am morning warrior! She’s consistent with her workouts, smiles when I ask her to try something crazy (like stand on her head🙃) & always gives 100% percent with ZERO complaints! She is sweet with a big smile & if you’re lucky enough to workout next to her she will leave you with a 😊 smile on your face too! I am beyond gr8ful for her & all she brings to our growing community!”



This month we chose to break our tradition of choosing only 1 L8F member because if you know April and Donnie, you know what an incredible team they are! No matter what kind of day they are having, we know without a doubt we will see them in class together or separate at some point in the day to grind out their workout without any complaints! April has come such a long way since starting with us both physically and mentally, excelling through whatever we throw at her! 💪🏽And Donnie, no matter how exhausted he gets during the workout, will ALWAYS go the extra mile to push himself with a smile on his face. We are so grateful to have them as part of our fitfam, the unique energy and presence they each bring is irreplaceable for Liber8. 💙💜
Here’s a few words from each of them!
April- “I have been able to challenge myself in countless ways by joining Liber8Fit. I am so grateful to have my partner in crime and the Liber8 community to keep me motivated in my journey to be a stronger, more determined me! Cheers to liber8ing limits!”
Donnie- “Angela and Alyssa have helped to push my body to limits I never knew existed. I really like how Alyssa seems to always know when I am starting to slack and puts me right back in check. And since I am the least flexible person ever, I appreciate that Angela understands my limits and makes me feel comfortable where I'm at in my Yoga pratice. Getting my butt kicked every week by April and all the strong women at Liber8 is a huge motivator to continue to progress. Thank you everyone at Liber8 for making me feel welcome and for all the support. 🤘Keep Rockin'🤟”



Pumpkin 🎃 Spice Latte season is HERE and so is our October Member of the Month! .
Here are a few words from Sharon’s trainers! 🏋🏽‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️
Trainer Alyssa- “What you need to know about Sharon Warnick... Around these parts she’s known as ‘Spicy Sharon’. She doesn’t like sprawls and we don’t make her do them! She comes in every day of the week (except for Friday’s because that’s happy hour day) and she is 59 and runs laps around the 20 somethings! But for all of her spice Sharon is a sweetheart and I absolutely love training her. If she’s in class and ‘the Sharon Mix’ is playing, you and Bon Jovi better watch out!”
Trainer Angela- “What can I say about our OG of L8F?! Although I’ve known Sharon for years, over the last few months I’ve gotten to see Sharon in a whole new 💡 light. She’s sassy yet serious and even though yoga isn’t her favorite extra curricular activity she’s grown to love Savasana! I look forward to seeing her smile and hearing her laughter. She’s funny yet assertive but most of all genuine! She welcomes each new person with a good job 👍 keep coming back! She’s been a huge help to me personally with outdoor events like disc golf and the bbq bash! She is exactly what this L8F #fitfam needs, thank you Sharon!”



Trainer Alyssa- “V is the definition of a hard worker and the ultimate sweetheart. Inside and outside the gym she embodies what we stand for at Liber8 and I am honored to call such a strong woman both a member and a friend. 💜Even though I have her reaching for her inhaler after most classes, V refers to Liber8 as her happy place and I truly couldn’t picture this wonderful community without her! You deserve it V and here’s to adding even MORE things to the ‘Crushed It’ list this month! 💪🏽”
Trainer Angela- “What I love about Vanessa is her constant drive and push, all while having a sweet smile on her face. She is fearless in the pursuit of creating her own happiness (and getting her legs straight overhead in Tripod headstand 😉), she’s not afraid to TRY.. she just DOES. V has a genuine light that shines bright at Liber8, and I think she speaks true to our definition of Liber8YourLimits.
Her growth is NOT just a physical progression, but internal growth focused on self-care, love, and total self-acceptance. Thank you V for bringing all you do into our commUNITY. “
And finally a few words from Vanessa! ❤️
“Liber8 has changed my life so much in such a short time. The trainers and members are some of the best people I have ever encountered. I wake up every day eager to go workout, which is NOT my personality. I love the spirit, positivity and strength that this community brings. I feel so supported here, and look forward to every new day thanks to Liber8. “

August '18


Trainer Alyssa- "Every time Lizz comes to class she brings a positive energy and excitement (even when she knows it's cardio day). Lizz is studying to become a lawyer (I've dubbed her the Lizztigator👩🏽‍⚖️) and before class she likes to look at the board and guess all the moves for the day and ask questions, sometimes she even convinces me out of extra laps around the building! The most dramatic improvements I've seen from Lizz are in her lifts, just today she increased her power clean PR by 20lbs! 🏋🏽‍♀️Lizz has become an integral part of our family here at Liber8 and I couldn't be any more grateful to have her ❤️."
Trainer Angela- "It was an honor to guide Lizz in her first of many yoga classes. She warned me that she had never done yoga before and during her first Savasana she sat up, eyes open and looked around the room👀. From that moment on I've seen such growth with her flexibility, range of motion, and definitely her Savasana🧘🏽‍♀️I've seen smiles, sweat, and lots of hard work in everything she does inside the gym and in her day to day life. If you don't know Lizz, take a moment to say hi👋🏼, shes a regular at 9am & her smile is infectious! Thank you Lizz for letting me be apart of your Journey.✨"
And finally here are a few words from Lizz about her experience at L8F... "Since I started going to Liber8Fit, I've felt so much encouragement and love from the amazing trainers and my new friends. Starting off each morning by pushing myself with these wonderful people has made a huge difference in my life and I'm excited to keep growing!"

July '18


Liber8 is very excited to announce its first EVER#L8FMemberOfTheMonth! A huge congratulations and THANK YOU to our very own Shelby Brummel!😍
Shelby you’ve been with us since day 1 and we couldn’t be more honored to have you as one of our founding members helping us lay the foundation for the L8F community for years to come! Even though we are YOUR trainers, we learn so much more from YOU than we can begin say. 🙏🏽
When asked why she comes to Liber8, here’s what Shelby had to say!
“L8F is my home away from home. I’m excited to come to the gym every day to work hard and enjoy the company of my amazing trainers and friends.♥️”

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